Probes that illuminate your target


Illuminate your target

Starlight is a spin-off of Orleans University owned by Wepredic (holding compagny of Biopredic international and Eurosafe), with Sylvain Routier, Frédéric Buran and Karen Plé, three medicinal Chemists, as shareholders.
At Starlight, our vision is that the toxicology in 2030 will be based on the AOP (adverse outcome pathway) which requires knowledge of the mechanisms of toxicity of new products, drugs, chemicals including cosmetic ingredients. And there is a lack of "references and probes" for these mechanism studies. We are therefore developing new tools to enable a better, faster and safer understanding of the toxicological mechanisms of new substances.
Different molecular probe technologies are now being developed by Starlight to meet specific needs. Among them are fluorescent probes, some with high affinity for the target, others are turn-on or turn-off probes. There are also probes that bind covalently to the target either by nucleophilic attack of proteins at a specifically designed electrophilic site on the probe or by photoactivation which releases a highly reactive site on the probe. Probes sensitive to the protein environment are also developed such as viscosity probes.


Our products


Starlight’s Turn-on probes are a set of probes for early screening of a drug candidate and drug-drug interaction potential.

  • Probes to specifically illuminate an enzyme or class of enzymes.

  • Real-time monitoring of enzyme activity.

  • Use on recombinant enzyme or in biological media.

Starlight’s sliencing probes are a set of probes for the precise determination of a metabolism pathway of a drug candidate.

  • Probes to specifically inactivate an enzyme or class of enzymes.

  • Chemical inactivation of an enzyme, no adaptive process.

Starlight’s metabolism probes are a set of probes for early identification of the metabolic pathways involved of a drug candidate metabolism.

  • Specific probes of a metabolism enzyme.

  • Investigate the transporter interactions of a drug candidates.

Starlight provides you with a specific answer to your needs in terms of chemical biology.

  • Labeling of assets with the fluorophore adapted to your needs.

  • Design of chemical biology tools specific to your needs.


Dr. Christophe Chesné


Dr. Christophe Chesné is the president of Starlight where he is leading its team supporting the development of new molecular tools in industrial safety assessment and the translation of research methods to industrial practice.

Pr. Sylvain Routier

Science adviser

Pr. Sylvain Routier is a co-founder and a science adviser of Starlight, a company part of the Wepredic umbrella.
He is a full professor (Exceptional class) in organic chemistry at the University of Orléans.

Dr. Karen Plé

Science adviser

Dr. Karen Plé is a co-founder and a science adviser of Starlight. She is a research associate for the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) specializing in synthetic organic chemistry

Dr. Frédéric Buron

Science adviser

Dr. Frédéric Buron is a co-founder and a science adviser of Starlight. He is an Associate Professor in organic chemistry at the University of Orléans specializing in synthetic organic chemistry, flow chemistry, 18F PET imaging and medicinal chemistry.

Dr. Pierre Daligaux

Site Manager

Dr. Pierre Daligaux is a Site Manager at Starlight, is specialized in the design of innovative molecular tools for chemical biology with a focus on targets involved in toxicology. He has worked in different fields from molecular modeling applied to the discovery of therapeutic compounds to synthetic organic chemistry for the design of molecular probes.



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